Who are the: Irates of the Caribbean?

We are an anonymous group of crusaders who are seeking to bring an end to the indiscriminate and barbaric poisoning of dogs on the tiny idyllic Caribbean island of Carriacou.

We have to remain anonymous for our own safety.


In contravention of legislation, farmers on the remote island of Carriacou allow their goats and sheep to roam free. Unsurprisingly, an occasional baby animal is killed.
Consequently farmers feel justified to lay poisoned bait. However this practise has killed many pets which are not a problem and it is ridiculously dangerous to other wildlife and even children since it is often laid in public spaces and on beaches.
The police fail to act and might even be involved as mostly placid feral dogs are targeted ahead of festivals.

We aim to bring this tawdry matter to the wider public in the hope the adverse publicity and the damage to tourism, reputation and trade will finally pressure politicians into taking action where they have historically done nothing.

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