We want to stop dog poisoning.
Support these businesses.

The businesses below support stamping out dog poisoning.
Please give them your custom in gratitude for this brave stance.

5ElementsPro Kiteboarding Facebook

Alexis Food Stores Facebook

Barakena (AGENT) Facebook

Carriacou Animal hospital Facebook

Deefer Diving Carriacou Facebook

Dive Carriacou Facebook

DJ’s Bar & Grill Facebook

Fig N’ Bluggoe (AGENT) Facebook

Froggy’s Reef Tours Facebook

Frog’s Restaurant Bar Carriacou Facebook

Gallery Bistro (AGENT) Facebook

Hankey’s Computer Services Facebook

Hardwood Bar

Juicy Lucy (AGENT) Facebook

Junie’s Tour Taxis Facebook

KayakCuts – The Meat Shop Facebook

Las Iguanas Facebook

Lumbadive Facebook

Osprey Lines limited Facebook

Paradise Beach Club Facebook

Patty’s Deli Facebook

Pizza Meh Heart (AGENT) Facebook

The Original Slipway Facebook

Tripple D’s Pharmacy Facebook


No More Poison Support on Facebook


…and show you also support us.
Businesses displaying a sticker qualify for listing above.
Available from any business marked (AGENT)

Stickers are now free while current stocks last.
Stickers can be used as bumper stickers.
Assume anyone not supporting us is condoning the use of poison.