Dog Poison Map

You can check dog poisoning in Carriacou or you can add a new poisoning.

Note: The map shows mainly pet dogs owned by people so it does not include the hundred of stray (feral) dogs that have been poisoned.

Dog Poison Map  See map

USER INSTRUCTIONS (read before you go to the map)

Touch/click any pin to see details shown in plaques along the bottom.
Or swipe through and touch/click a plaque to highlight a poisoning location.
Spread two fingers (phone) or double-click (desktop) to enlarge the map and drag to move around.

FIRST Touch/click on the top left button saying: CLICK HERE TO REPORT….
Touch/click the map to locate the poison event, continuing to touch/click until you have located the event exactly. Then fill out the short form with helpful details and also your confidential contact info if you wish to give them.
Each new poison event will go live when approved by an admin.

Currently showing test data in this Beta version.
If you have problems adding a new poisoning email Jolly Roger